Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More troops for Iraq?

What in the f*** is Bush (and Congress) trying to prove here? The only thing that is going to result from this extension of the Iraq war folly is to provide the burgeoning insurgency with more targets to fire at. Are they trying to ramp the troops' casualty roll up to 4,000 dead by next Christmas? Or sooner, perhaps?

Of course Bush is not going to give up on his pet Neo Con war. He's full of testosterone as well as being a self-righteous character who is scared witless about admitting being wrong. Facing up to reality, losing face and changing course is an alien concept to this excuse of a president (and his cohorts). If he pubicly admitted the mistake of the invasion,left the fate of Iraq up to the Iraqi people, and plugged the endless corporate welfare gravy-train that is the Iraq war, then history will look a little less harshly upon his presidency.

If thr Pentagon asks for $100 billion for the immediate war costs, then they will get $100 billion. How many democrats are there who have the spine to vote for what is best for the USA, rather than being on their knees to their corporate owners and their agenda?

In Congress right now, Weasels outnumber Patriots by a huge factor. Count the brave men and women there on the fingers of two hands, at best.

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