Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Executed

Many officials within the Bush Administration will be heaving sighs of relief, including ex Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and others. Saddam Hussein, if he had been tried for the illegal invasion of Kuwait (amongst other crimes) could have caused a huge amount of trouble for numerous US and European officials and corporate executives, by calling witnesses pertaining to the sales of chemical and biological weapons throughout the 1980s, in its war against Iran.

He might also have called into evidence the Bush Sr. administration's complicity in the brutal suppression of the anti-Saddam revolt shortly after the conclusion of the Gulf War.

Finally, it would have also brought into public light illicit manipulations of international oil prices by Kuwait and other OPEC nations, which forced the then bankrupt Iraq to sell oil at a loss, leaving Hussein with no choice but to take military action, on the US assurance that there would no repercussions as a result of taking such actions.

It's hardly a wonder that Saddam was tried specifically for a rather obscure event (a massacre in Dujail, an Iraqi town) for which there was no easy connection with figures of current international standing, rather than the numerous, far more visible atrocities, with which (Saddam Hussein) was linked.

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