Tuesday, December 05, 2006

John Bolton: Good Riddance

It is with relief that John Bolton's tenure as US Ambassador to the U.N. is about to finish: it is evident from his track record that he has an unstable nature, and an anger management problem. Those in senior diplomatic positions should at least be capable of exhibiting diplomacy first and foremost.

With the United States' reputation for promoting liberty in shreds as a result of the last 5 years of foreign and domestic policy, it is now even more inappropriate for the likes of Bolton, an ideologue who shares the same extremist Neoconservative viewpoints as the crew who got us into this current mess, to be in public office.

Furthermore, the way in which he was appointed to this vitally important position, when Congress was out of session, added insult to injury.

His resignation will be for the good of all.

1 comment:

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