Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary, or Obama... for President?

Hillary is too "establishment" (ie bought and corrupt) to provide any real hope of honest leadership. Not only that, but she's being marketed as "America's Margaret Thatcher". That spells "nightmare".

and Obama...that's a democratic party suicide ticket. Traditional "values" in much of mainstream America (both dem and repub) are still subject to too much inertia to result in Obama becoming president. A woman *could* make it, if she has an excess of "yang" or male qualities, (in the mold of Thatcher, or Jeane Kirkpatrick, for example). But a black person, or bachelor, or gay, or genuine progressive.. etc etc... no matter how brilliantly qualified they might happen to be.... fergettit!

To become president. it takes access to almost unlimited wealth to campaign at highlevel intensity for 2 years and a blanket endorsement by big business. Hillary *might* have that already.. but Obama? He would have to sell his soul.

It is depressing to think further about all this, because when one gets into it... we all know that "business as usual" will reign.

The sociopaths and psychopaths always seem to win.

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