Tuesday, January 23, 2007

World Economic Forum: Mafiosi, Corporate Barons and Psychopaths... oh my!

The World Economic Forum is getting up to one of its somewhat inaccessible ivory tower hideyholes: this time, Davos, a posh Swiss ski playground for the rich and famous plays host to the reptiles. Of course it is business as usual: once the corporate media have had their splurge at the celebrity trough, their attention will be transferred to broadcasting the usual stageplay of hired black-clad stooges, masquerading as "protesters", breaking windows of McDonalds in the downtown area, thereby publicly casting the opponents of jungle-law capitalism as "rowdy anarchists" on prime time TV. Meanwhile, the psychopaths, war mongers, and merchants of death and destruction sip the champagne and sample the caviar. Louis XIV would be so proud!

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