Friday, October 27, 2006

Waterboarding, and more of Cheney's serial lies.

I can't believe this maniac. Who the hell does he think he's kidding? Now he's saying the the U.S. doesn't torture people: what a complete and total liar this person is.

Does anyone know exactly what "waterboarding" really is? According to Cheney, it's a "dunk in water".

Not quite. Wiki describes it as follows: but the version of waterboarding described here is the mildest form of waterboard torture there is. In Iraqi and Afghan prison camps, waterboardings are often carried out in far more extreme fashion: the prisoner is held underwater until he properly drowns - he actually dies. Then he is forcibly revived. If the interrogators are not satisfied with the prisoner's answers, then he is drowned again. And so on. The process involves intense pain and complete terror. Some prisoners subjected to this hell end up with irreversible brain damage. These techniques have been used in Iraq and Afghanistan since the wars started there, but a problem being, the standard of intelligence acquired via torture is often useless garbage, yet more spurious noise to obscure any worthwhile signal, should it exist. A prisoner will say literally anything just to stop the pain and terror, especially those who are innocent. And judging by the incredibly miniscule number of "terrorist" prisoners in US custody who have been charged with any kind of "terrorism" offense, and just held in limbo without access to legal representation, incommunicado, the logical extension is that most of these people are innocent, and when tortured, will give useless answers. It was recently revealed that the "intelligence" that was used to "justify" the Iraq war fiasco, was obtained via torture. If that was a waterboarding session, then each gallon of water used has so far cost the US taxpayer about $50,000,000,000.

When it comes to rogue governments, riddled with corruption, corporate scams, double-dealing, setting up fake terror attacks to justify war, and the mass killing of 655,000 Iraqis on the basis of lies, (amongst other evil deeds), the Bush Administration surely leads the pack.

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