Saturday, October 07, 2006

The "Liberal" media? Has anyone seen it yet?

Conservatives love to make this statement: "Most of the media are 'left". But that doesn't make much sense, honestly. 'Left' and 'right' are relative, rather than absolute positions on the closed-loop political "spectrum", and if most the media are defined (by you) as being "left", then what are they 'left" of?

The content of the mainstream media in the US (radio, newspapers, periodicals, magazines, television whatever) is defined by what is acceptable to their advertising sponsors, most of which are private corporations (usually) run by conservative minded business folk, as opposed to some fictitious army of "pot-smoking tree-hugging commie-pinko birkenstock-wearing ex-hippies" who "hate the military and Christians".

If the media was truly representative of a "socialist" leaning, or true "left" position, then there would be no need for websites like "Project Censored":

and a whole bunch of similar sites online. Why are these extremely newsworthy stories not given any space in a supposedly free society with a free flow of information?

Is there a similar set of censored stories that fail to get published in the mainstream media because they lean the other way? Not a chance in hell, believe me. If the US media was truly "left", then why have they been cheerleaders for the Bush Administration's program of perpetual war? The media's behavior and conduct in the run up to the Iraq war , for example, was nothing short of prostitution.

The "left" media in the U.S. is represented by periodicals like Mother Jones, The Nation, Utne Reader etc., and the freebies that you find in major cities... and even they have mild content compared to some of the stories they could run, should they so wish, but don't; these "gatekeepers of the left" seem to have as much bite as a wet lettuce.

Ironically, the most courageous media out there is run by folk on the right with a libertarian or constitutional agenda, who are fuming and horrified at the distortion of what they see as true conservatism at the hands of the plutocrats, authoritarians and 'wannabes-for-a-theocracy'.

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