Tuesday, October 24, 2006

ABC's Path to 9/11, and other embarrassing 9/11 weasel productions

That "movie", for want of a better term, contained some of the most embarassingly preposterous garbage ever released on American television. It was also an exhibition of unremitting hearsay "evidence" for which in the most part zero proof has been offered. The way most of that material has been accepted as "true" by a large section of the gullible American public, is through endless repetition, ad nauseam, on our mainstream weasel-media. It is amazing how so often, what we want to believe, because it is inoffensive to out comfort zones, is what usually makes it into the history books. Lets call it faithbased bullshit, in the Bush Administration's ongoing war against science and rationality.

Another appalling effort was DC 9/11: A time of crisis, a "made for television" movie directed by one Lionel Chetwynd. It was dubbed a "mind-numbingly boring propaganda" film by salon.com. In reality, it was far worse than that: the actions of Bush and co. are so far removed from even the officially endorsed timeline... the entire movie is based on false premises.

Enter the big Hollywood budget productions: Flight 93. If this movie was based on sound, verified facts, then it might be construed as being well done. But the official story of Flight 93 is so based on hearsay that it might as well be discounted: none of the material comprising the central plot of the movie (the official offal) would stand up in a U.S. court of law. For questions about Flight 93, this site as well as this one, are both essential references.

More recently, Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" was released. With relief, I discovered it contained a minimum of propaganda, and the content was largely non-political, and concentrated on the heroic story of two Port Authority police officers. It is a shame that Oliver Stone wouldn't talk to William Rodriguez, who was undoubtedly one of the greatest heroes of the day, now shunned by the media because he wouldn't keep his mouth shut about the basement blast under the North Tower just before the first plane slammed into the 90th floor.

One day, someone will make a feature movie on 9/11 that doesn't insult the memory of the almost 3000 Americans who perished in order to kick-start the NeoCon Agenda.

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