Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The sky is falling... oh is it?

Lets have a look around this link: some interesting information is apparent that doesn't quite fit with the overarching message from both british and US administrations.. namely.. "Muslims are the big threat and they are all terrorists by default".

One of the things one might stumble across is the following, inconvenient statistic:
Since 7/7/05 (the date of the multiple bombings in London), 1000 Muslims have been arrested in British terror swoops/police ops - of course with the obligatory accompaniment of ratcheting the fear of muslims to inhuman levels by all available mainstream media outlets.

Of these 1000 arrestees, only 12% have been charged with anything.

Of this 12% - that is of the 12% of 1000 that have been charged with an offence - 80% have been acquitted, (that is, they have been found to have had nothing to do with any criminal activity of any description whatsoever.)

This adds up to little over 2% of the entire 1000 charged with anything that sticks - and of that virtually nothing is related to "terrorism".

The miniscule police "success" rate refer not to terrorism but to other crimes that the police have found whilst trying to frame them up on spurious terror charges.

Of course, this information will never be published in any mainstream media outlet like the BBC, for example. Weasels, by definition, behave like weasels, and do not roar like lions.

The noise will have to come from the bullhorns; the billion-watt public address system of the mainstream remains predictably mute.

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