Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Who's soft on real crime?

Andrew Fastow, former CFO of the Enron (Organized Crime) Empire has just been sentenced to 6 years in "jail". My liberal heart, it bleedeth all over. Fastow will no doubt be released from his presumably well-appointed "cell" within 2 years, (if President Bush doesn't pardon him sooner), and he will probably be at his old tricks all over again, this time with more knowledge in how to avoid breaking the 11th Commandment of big business corruption: "THOU SHALT NOT GET CAUGHT!"

Incidentally, most of the real damning evidence against these crooked friends of the Bush Administration (amongst many others) was housed in World Trade Center Building 7, which "collapsed" (read demolished?) at 5-30 pm, 9/1/2001. How very, very convenient.

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