Friday, September 29, 2006

Coddling Dictators, again.

Oh my!!!! It's hardly a wonder the U.S. has lost all credibility with the rest of the planet. Bush is currently having nice easy going talks with Kazakhstan's Thug-In-Chief President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Business as usual, despite the presidential proclamation in 2004: " Proclamation by the President: To Suspend Entry as Immigrants or Nonimmigrants of Persons Engaged in or Benefiting From Corruption". By the way, Kazakhstan has as much oil as Iran.... but this dictator is a nice US friendly dictator, who supported the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But a corrupt one nonetheless.

Successive US governments have always preferred interfacing with friendly, easily malleable dictators and thugs, rather than democracies which put PEOPLE first. With this administration, priority goes by default to multinational corporations, tinhorn dictators and organized crime syndicates.

Business as usual. Are we ever going to rewarded with "business not as usual", or have we become at one with the weasels?

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