Thursday, September 21, 2006

The U.N. at an impasse.

After the recent commentaries at the U.N. by President Bush, Iran's President Ahmadi Najad and Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, it is plain that the U.N. is in trouble. It has been for years. Security Council Resolutions are arbitrarily enforced; for example, one small nation (which I shall not name) with a close relationship to the U.S. can flout some 5 decades of U.N. Resolutions with impunity. This kind of privilege is fuel for unrest, and is the antithesis of fair international relations. The planet does needs some kind of international body, but the current U.N. is out of date, and needs restructuring. Right now, it's a forum for the largest and most powerful nations to undermine stability, presumably with the aim of furthering aggression and war.

The world is run on the principles of capitalism, and war-making is one of mankind's most profitable enterprises. Always follow the money trail.

Humanity evolves very slowly; expect no changes anytime soon.


The U.N. is a fairweather friend to US conservatives. When the S.C. makes a "favorable decision", for example Resolution 1442 authorizing BushCorp to make a preemptive strike against a sovereign nation..., the enmity of the rightwing towards the U.N. was conveniently forgotten.

Now the black helicopters are swarming again.

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