Friday, September 22, 2006

9/11 deaths now equalled by US troops death

As usual, the Associated Press, a fully paid up member of the corporate media weasel brigade, tell lies in their "reporting". Jayson Blair should apply for a job.

Quote, from last paragraph: "In contrast, the United States had no imminent war intentions against anyone on Sept. 10, 2001. One bloody day later, it did".

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The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were planned well before 9/11, and units of the US military campaign to oust the Taliban were already in place, in the area, by August 2001. They were just waiting for the go ahead and "justification, which was 9/11.

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Without 9/11, BushCorp and the Neocons would be dead in the water, marooned, a ship with no engine to power it, and no rudder to guide it. Their entire policy set, prewritten before 9/11, was wholly dependent upon those attacks being successful.

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