Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Sham Trial of the Century

This is no trial. This is a kangaroo court, the likes of which Idi Amin or any tin-can dictator or thug would be "proud".
The "evidence" that is to be presented against KSM at the Guantanamo Bay "trial" has been extracted using torture, which disqualifies it from being presented in a proper court hearing... hence the government's insistence of the euphemistically described "military tribunal" in a foreign nation. This trial is characterized by secrecy, the abandonment of the legal process, the presentation of "evidence" with no proper chain of custody, and the blanket excuse by the state of "national security" (?/!!) to prevent a civilized legal hearing.
If KSM's trial was to have been conducted in a proper courtroom, the defense could have raised all manner of very difficult questions, and cross examined the prosecution on a number of fundamental aspects of 9/11 in which KSM could not possibly have played a part, that is, unless he was intimately connected with senior personnel at the Pentagon (right up to the Joint Chiefs of Staff), and with top security clearance and privileged access.
It was KSM's "confessions" under torture that formed the backbone of that other sham, dry-labbed pile of horse manure known as the 9/11 Commission Report. Around here, we all know what the majority of Commission members have said publicly about their own "inquiry", including such descriptions as "a pack of lies", "set up to fail", "underfunded", "put under severe time constraints", a"scandal", etc etc... and since it was largely based on what KSM blurted out in a prison cell while being water-boarded up to 180 times in one month...
And the corporate media, in true Goebbels or Baghdad Bob fashion, are reporting this drivel as if it conforms to reality.

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