Sunday, May 13, 2012

President Cheney ....

LMAO! In these dark times, a little humor is a good remedy, for short lived relief. This little sketch on Saturday Night Live is a real case of a "truthful word being uttered in jest".

President Cheney indeed. The man who held Dubya's hand when the 9/11 "Commission" asked a couple of prescreened, softball "questions". The man who lied about his movements and whereabouts to the 9/11 "Commission", on the morning on 9/11/2001. The man who ordered the EPA to censor the dangers posed by the toxic dust from the World Trade Center. The man who ordered the alteration of the FAA-NORAD-USAF scramble-intercept protocol (June 1, 2001), to make sure that the hijacked planes
were not challenged by US air defenses on 9/11 (the original protocol was restored on 9/12/2001). The man who refused to serve in the US military in Vietnam FOUR TIMES, because Cheney, the privileged chickenhawk, had "other priorities".

Cheney is the worst traitor the US has seen since Prescott Bush (President George W. Bush's granddad) - who was busted twice under the
Trading with the Enemy Act for doing big business with his buddies in Nazi Germany.

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