Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Larry Silverstein, accessory before the fact to terror

My heart bleeds for Larry Silverstein, Bernie Madoff's buddyboy.

Larry Silverstein bought the lease on the World Trade Center from the Port Authority of New York shortly before the attacks. The buildings were in violation of NYC codes and it was estimated that the mandated asbestos removal/treatment from the seven buildings in the complex would have cost several $hundreds of millions. Many of the offices in the Twin Towers were vacant and the entire complex was losing money. Then he insured each building against separate terrorist attacks some 6 weeks prior to the attacks.

When asked as to why he bought the lease on the site, he said "it felt like the right thing to do". (?/!!)

If *I* had a business which was failing, which had several premises, then I insured each premises against arson attacks, and each building was burned to the ground shortly afterwards, I think the FBI would be quite interested, to say the least. Lucky Larry never was the subject of any inquiry; he is too well connected. He "Madoff" with some $4.5 billion in insurance money, no questions asked.

Imagine if the lease owner had been an Arab?

Oh my. One can't even go there.

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