Tuesday, April 10, 2007

GM foods, bees, DNA patents, cronyism, and disaster in the making.

Bee populations throughout the US and the industrial world are dying off at alarming rates, with some nations reporting losses of up to 80%, and nobody is really sure why. Last night, I watched the documentary movie "The Future of Food" It's probably one of the scariest and most sinister documentaries of recent times, and shows Monsanto (etc) for what they really are: "planetary terrorists". But nobody in the mainstream media is talking about it. If it can be shown that GM foods are related to this bee population decline, then the reasons for the media staying mum about it are obvious. The three government agencies responsible for making sure that the food reaching America's dining rooms and restaurants is safe to consume, namely the USDA, EPA and FDA, are stacked with Monsanto board members. They probably play golf and sit on the same boards as other major players in the media as well; there is only one degree of separation in the world of the corporate elite. Hence, the nefarious activities of Monsanto and other major agribusiness and chemical/GE corporations are not only immune from mainstream media coverage, but also immune to any form of legal challenge. Monsanto is attempting to patent life itself, and soon these patents may extent to the DNA sequences of higher animals and even humans, if they get their way. And from the conduct of US senior judges involved in making legal decisions (100% behind Monsanto etc), do not be surprised if the very worst happens.

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