Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cheney to be Impeached?

On April 17, 2007, Rep. Dennis Kucinich informed his congressional colleagues by letter that he was filing articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney. This is a timely step in the right direction, in an attempt to rid this nation of the cabal of thugs and crooks occupying the White House, Cheney being the junta's head honcho.

Thankyou Rep. Kucinich. And while you are at it, it is imperative that Cheney be required to testify, under oath, about the status of US air defenses on the morning of 9/11. He must also disclose the full details of the numerous drills and wargames under his command that morning which effectively took a large proportion of the US air defense capability North into Canada and Alaska, and East out over the North Atlantic, allowing four rogue airliners to fly freely across US airspace, unhindered and unchallenged, for up to an hour and a half, in flagrant violation of all standard procedures and protocols. Furthermore, Cheney should be required to provide details as to his whereabouts on the morning of 9/11; Norman Mineta informed the 9/11 Commission, under oath, that Cheney was in the PEOC under the White House at 9-20, corrobrated by other witnesses , whereas Cheney lied to the Commission, saying that he didn't arrive there until about half an hour later.

This is just the tip of a very ugly iceberg. We the people are his bosses, and he needs to be accountable to US.

Unfortunately, the weasels in the Democratic Party leadership, who shall remain nameless, are not lending their support. Apart from having both Cheney and Bush impeached (implying a "President Pelosi", which would appear a somewhat engineered situation), it makes me wonder why the leadership of the "opposition" is taking the extraordinary step of supporting Cheney, a true enemy of the State.

In the meantime, some timely advice for Rep. Kucinich: Remember what happened to the unfortunate Senator Paul Wellstone (MN), who was killed in a light plane "accident" (!) shortly before the Iraq war started. Some of those in recent history who have done the most work for the most worthy of causes, have paid the ultimate price for their patriotism and humanity.

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