Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell vs. the weasels in the corporate media

Now that Rosie O'Donnell has parted company with "The View", there has been a enough pus, slime and slurry emitted by the spew-merchants of the extremist right wing to fill the Grand Canyon, and then some. What did Rosie do to offend these people to warrant such an outpouring of hatred, vitriol and bile?

* Perhaps its because she doesn't conform to the standard TV personality image expected for women?

* Perhaps it's because she is large, i.e. not 36:24:36? Perhaps its because she's a gay woman and successful too? That definitely makes her a target, through no fault of her own.

* Perhaps its because she isn't a coward, and she's prepared to use the (rapidly diminishing) right to speak freely? Perhaps because she breaks arbitrary rules and speaks out on issues that the ranks of asslicking weasels in the corporate media back away from?

* Perhaps its because she's not a manufactured pawn, spewing pabulum and piss, like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and the modern plastic icons of moronic mediocrity?

* Perhaps its because she dared to break the taboo on the WTC7 aspect of the 9/11 attacks and asked a question. How subversive of her! OMG.. she had the audacity to ask a question! Put her in front of a firing squad! (She didn't actually accuse anyone specifically, or speculate, she merely asked a question.. but in this age of rampant Big Brotherism and toeing the line without thought, merely asking a question seems to incur the wrath of the *Nellie brigade. Rosie is neither a "conspiracy theorist, nor a *Nellie. She just asked a legitimate question. Why would such a question cause so many frayed nerves and angst?

We are living in an increasingly, gray, conformist, arbitarily obedient, generic, baby formula, cookie cutter world, where anyone who breaks the strait-jacketed norms, like Rosie, are cast asunder with knee-jerking streams of hatred, abuse and namecalling.

How come Rosie was such a "terrible" threat, when we have the likes of Murdoch and company out there, defining what 10s of millions of hapless, time-strapped Americans see, hear, and eventually "think"?

The domination of the airwaves by the powerhungry psychopaths at the top of the corporate heirachy is one the greatest threats to our way of life. If the founders were here to witness the Murdoch doctrine and what happening to this country... they would undoubtedly cast a verdict of "abject failure.. the train has left the tracks".

The hate addicted need some serious help


*nellie n. a person belonging to the mindset that believes that the powers-that-be are 100% unconditionally honest, unimpeachable and committed to the general good.

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