Sunday, November 19, 2006

Murdoch versus Simpson: Scumbags United!

It really goes without saying that anyone with somewhere near half a brain knows that O. J. Simpson had some part to play in the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, back in the mid 1990s. He might even have been the one who wielded the murder weapon. Now, media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, just at the point when one thought that human beings could not descend to greater depths of depravity and bottom feeding, surpasses even his own extraordinary standards of plumbing the abyss, all for the sake of his jungle law standard of ethics and anti-humanity. To sponsor a double murderer in what is seen as a smug "confession", but laced with a "haha...tried me once, can't get me now, suckers..." is really the ultimate example of scouring the bottom of the parrot's cage for the sake of accumulating more almighty dollars.

What does Mr. Murdoch want to prove from this bizarre and perverted exercise? Is he trying to prove to the world that when it comes to the race to be the world's biggest sleazebag, he is the worthy winner of the gold medal? Surely he doesn't need or even want another yacht, mansion or Rolls Royce.. that kinda swag gets old after awhile. Does he just want some extra cash in order to eat up another perfectly decent business in his effort to destroy the essence of free enterprise in media by relentless monopoly building? No, I don't really think it's anything like that: Murdoch can afford to buy a few entire cities if he wanted to, just from the annual interest from his investments. No, for him, this life is a shallow game, borne about by a condition of the mind that renders its sufferer incapable of feeling empathy with ordinary humans, in which he just plays them, like so many inanimate pieces on a board game, manipulating them, moving them, using them and eventually wasting them. To Murdoch, O.J. Simpson is just another chip on his monopoly board, and just this once, he has almost found his match, when it comes to human dregs.

"Almost" being the operative word.

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