Thursday, November 23, 2006

Another Lebanese Assassination....

This time, its the turn of Pierre Gemayal, the anti-Syrian Industry minister. Think back to the assassination of Rafik Hariri. Who got the blame for that? Syria. How much evidence was there that Syria was involved? Zero, apart from conspiracy theories spread by enemies of Syria, involving secret tunnels, remote controlled detonators, pre-knowledge by the Syrian authorities etc. etc. none of which in existed in reality. The murder weapon was a car-bomb, and the assassin (or one of them) was Ahmed Adas, a 24-year-old Palestinian refugee living in the poor Beirut neighborhood of Tarik Jadida. and was a member of an unknown jihadist group,"Advocacy and Holy War in the Levant".

Regarding this latest atrocity: Who is getting the blame this time around in Lebanon itself: Hezbollah and Syria. Their rivals in the region will link Gemayel's killing to Damascus, by default, and this will be backed up by Washington, by default. The administration of Bashar al-Assad is a pretty unsavory bunch of thugs, but they are not so stupid and politically naive enough to go pulling cheap stunts like these... being fully aware of the obvious outcome. Logically, the most likely perpetrators, in both cases are enemies of Syria.

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