Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bohemian Grove Pedophile extravaganza.

It's Bohemian Grove Week. B.G. is a secluded estate in the Northern California woods which, every summer, hosts a party for the power brokers - the people who usually arrive in such positions on account of their sociopathy.

When people become so wealthy, privileged and insular that ordinary methods of 'lording it over others' become boring and routine, they go to a place which is totally secretive and secure where they can do *extraordinary* things without being busted. These extraordinary activities include pedophilia (sex with children and/or minors) and even human sacrifice - and Bohemian Grove provides the perfect environment where the world's powerful "dirty old men" can satisfy their latent need to control others in ways that society finds totally unacceptable. They are protected not only by the rings of security, but also the inbred notion that anyone who dares call them on their perversions is instantly labeled a 'conspiracy theorist'.

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