Saturday, October 01, 2011

Wall St. protests continued....

This is not so much an "anti-capitalist" protest, but to draw attention to getting Wall St. and the banking industry to abide by the law, and to get the laws governing the banking and finance sectors policed, just for a change. Is that such a tall order?

If we, as members of society, have to follow the law, then why are the Wall Streeters largely exempt? Why do so many Americans, especially those on the right wing - who are constantly trumpeting about "getting tough on crime" - remain mute on this issue, or even openly supporting the banksters and corporate parasites?

Do people honestly feel that the financial sector has the right to extort, defraud, rob and pillage without penalty? In a sane world, the answer is a big round NO! But the world today is an asylum, and the inmates are in control.

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