Monday, June 13, 2011

Fukushima news blackout

The cessation of coverage of the Japan catastrophe is most likely as a result of the lobbying power of the defense and nuclear power industry: the nuclear disaster at Fukushima is already likely to have caused that 35% spike in infant mortality in the Pacific Northwest, since the anomaly started a week or so after the radiation plume spread across the area.

The nuclear power industry, in the US at least,primarily exists not for the civilian infrastructure and generating power, but for the manufacture of atomic weapons: the very bad PR generated by the Fukushima multiple meltdowns, and the Chernobyl scale radioactive pollution would have been disastrous for the US (and worldwide) nuclear industry, and could have faced major funding hurdles, that is, had the media covered the story to the extent that was justified.

Since the US mainstream media is owned by the same corporate cartels that benefit from warmongering, (such as General Electric etc etc) it's hardly a surprise that coverage was strictly censored after 2 weeks or so.

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