Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rev. Jerry Falwell died today.

The "Christian Right" is one heck of an oxymoron. :wow:

Of course Rev. Falwell will get a "Christian" funeral...however he was one of the most effective ambassadors of the "inverted Christianity" practiced by the US religious right.. which (albeit a little oversimplified) implies "blessed are the mean, for they shall inherit the earth", and "if you're not like us, then go to hell". "Moral Majority"... oh dear, oh dear. Even to this non-Christian, it is glaringly obvious that hatred and exclusion are not Christian values

Falwell and company have precious little do with Jesus Christ, apart from co-opting that name, and then using the label of "Christianity" as a means to perpetrate spiritual blackmail on their followers to wield power and make cartloads of MONEY. Charlatans like him have been pulling stunts like that throughout the ages... ie misrepresenting the words of a spiritual master and using them for their own ends. There are lots of good people who follow(ed) Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson etc. and gotten ripped off. "Falwellism", and Christianity as taught by Jesus, are so far apart as to be unreconcileable

These guys are prime examples of the false prophets that Jesus taught (Christians) to beware of. Robertson, Falwell and their ilk are playing with peoples' minds and fears and milking them for their very earthly cash. Falwell and co. are more about Mammon, mind games, manipulation and materialism. It's a flawed part of human nature we're dealing with here, which allows for con men with loud voices and public speaking skills to use the name of a revered person for greed and power. Jesus is not the only originator of a faith whose name is being used in corrupt ways wholly at odds with what the teacher intended. Any faith are subject to piracy by fakes and phonys.

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